Topaz video Ai 5.1.0

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Trusted by major film studios
and creative pros everywhere.

An essential tool that creates naturally enhanced footage with minimal effort. It’s a brilliant piece of software, and an essential purchase for anyone working with video.

Denoise with cinema-level detail.

Trained with millions of video frames, Video AI 5 intelligently understands the difference between noise and detail.

Nyx AI Model.

Remove noise and fix compression artifacts from 4K footage with high ISO settings.

Recognizes people and faces, knows exactly how to correct them.

Sprawling desert and a beautiful portrait are vastly different, as should be the way you correct them. Video AI 5 uses temporally aware facial recognition technology to do it automatically and instantly.

Create new frames out of thin AI-r.

Match cameras with different frame rates, or achieve slow motion without changing camera settings. Apollo and Chronos models generate
new frames to make it all super smooth.

Easy Workflow

Topaz Video AI works directly on your Mac or PC. Use the standalone to batch process footage in sequence, or use it as a plugin for tight workflow integration.

High Performance

We’ve partnered with major hardware manufacturers like Nvidia, AMD, and Intel to make Video AI run as fast as possible for your computer.

Instant upscale to 16K.

Get the upscaling you want, without sacrificing quality. Video AI both increases resolution and handles unwanted artifacts caused by traditional upscaling methods. All with one click. Get 4K, 8K, up to 16K resolution with spectacular visual quality, all in Video AI.

Repack by LRrepacks
System requirementsMinimum
Windows Operating System-10 or 11 (most updated version recommended)
CPU-Intel OR AMD with AVX2 instructions
System Memory (RAM)-16 GB (32 GB or more recommended)
Graphics Card (NVIDIA)-NVIDIA GTX 900 series or higher, 6GB VRAM
Graphics Card (AMD)-AMD Radeon 500 series or higher, 6GB VRAM
Graphics Card (Intel)-Intel ARC A750
CPU Release Year-2016 or newer

Password: gamebounty

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