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Amygdala | Synopsis

Welcome to the haunting world of Amygdala, an horror experience that explores the dark depths of the nightmare realm, manifested through incredible and terrifying creatures.

Confront your deepest fears and uncover what lies behind the Amygdala.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the sinister beauty of horror.

Wellcome to Amygdala | Story

Step into the eerie world of Amygdala, a first-person horror game that takes players on an unsettling journey through mysterious dimensions.

Explore a haunting location, uncovering its secrets while encountering terrifying monsters that lurk in the shadows.

Amygdala is the destination of all the entities in the Universe that are lost in the nightmare.
There are cases in which some entities are allowed to have their own symbolic body as a manifestation of the nightmare;

This is the case for entities that manage not to succumb to the nightmare but to live through it, and in the most formidable cases, to control it.
These individuals are known as Rulers of Nightmares

If a nightmare for some reason becomes unstable, the Absolute Judge takes action takes action through you, and this is where your adventure begin.

You are the nightmare seeker and it is your job to take the eyes of the Rulers of Nightmares.

Terrifying creatures, to be feared or… | Unique Gameplay feature

Embark on a journey through Amygdala, where monstrous creatures await. Uncover the secrets they hide, the reasons behind their existence, and go into their nightmares.

In Amygdala, you will encounter different creatures, each with unique their nightmares.

  • Face nightmares and gain the eyes of the Rulers of Nightmare;
  • Unique creatures, terrifying but at the same time mysterious;
  • Discover mysterious, macabre but at the same time fascinating settings
  • Let yourself be drawn into this atypical narrative horror

Starting from the Amygdala, the Main HUB after the speech of the Absolute Judge, you will be able to freely explore the hub and freely choose which nightmare to start from:

  • The Nightmare of the Big Head: Discover what happened inside this nightmare, mysterious rituals, strange creatures within a setting reminiscent of corridors of an ancient hotel now abandoned.
  • The Nightmare of Insatiable Knowledge: Inside a giant vertical bookcase, you will have to feed insatiable creatures by climbing through this bookcase in search of the most… delicious books. But be careful, there are other hungry creatures.
  • The Nightmare of Beauty: A sick and distorted nightmare, where the representation of perfect beauty through mannequins merges with what the media canons impose on us… evolving into a macabre attempt to find beauty… but what is the beauty? You will have to find out within the walls of crumbling laboratories.

Once you have completed your task you will be able to have an audience with the Great Monolith… some say it can make your nightmares come true.

Unique Creatures | Monsters shaped by nightmares

Encounter unique creatures, known as rulers of nightmares, entities who have been able not only to withstand the nightmare but to master and shape it according to their desires.

These rulers of nightmares have earned a place within the Amygdala, where the Absolute Judge supervises the stability of these nightmares.

Stunning Nightmare | Unreal Engine 5

Nightmares connected with a subtle artistic thread that unites the aesthetics enhanced by the Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine.
Immersive lighting rendering to immerse the user in a supernatural experience.

Info | More Info & Social

Amygdala is a solo developer game.

Amygdala was not born with the idea of innovating the gaming industry or being the best horror game ever made, but was born simply to give context and show some creatures created by me connected with the basic idea of expressing different emotions.

I hope these creatures can accompany you in your deepest nightmares.

Sensitive Content and Photosensitivity Warning:

Amygdala contain strobing and flashing lights that could cause a small percentage of people to experience seizures when exposed to certain lights, patterns, or images. This game also contains intense violence, gore, graphic sexual content, and strong language.

Please enjoy this nightmares.


The developers describe how their game uses AI Generated Content like this:

AI has been used in a limited way* for the following aspects: Text Localization, Speech Localization and Musical Audio.

*The base was AI-generated, but the transformative creation built upon it stands as an original work. (Text was controlled by a human, the voice and musical audio were edited and reworked by a human)


The developers describe the content like this:

Notice: This game offers an intense psychological horror experience, characterized by dark atmospheres, unsettling monsters, and gore elements. It tackles sensitive themes such as death, providing a deep immersion into a dark and disturbing world. The visuals, sounds, and situations are designed to create a strong and engaging emotional impact. Viewer discretion is advised while playing the game, especially for players sensitive to disturbing content.

OS: Windows 10

Processor: Intel Core i7-3770 or AMD Ryzen 5 1400

Memory: 16 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti, 2 GB or Radeon R7 360, 2 GB

DirectX: Version 11

Storage: 2 GB available space

Additional Notes: Low 720p @ 30 FPS, DX11, Ray Tracing OFF
OS: Windows 10

Processor: Intel Core i7-6700K or AMD Ryzen 5 2600X

Memory: 32 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080, 8 GB or AMD Radeon RX 5700XT, 8 GB

DirectX: Version 12

Storage: 2 GB available space

Additional Notes: High 1080p @ 60 FPS, DX12, Ray Tracing OFF

Password: gamebounty