SAPIEN PowerShell Studio 2024 5.8.243

PowerShell Studio is the premier editing and tooling environment for PowerShell. Create graphical tools using PowerShell with an easy-to-use GUI designer. Eliminates the need to manually write hundreds of lines of code. Use PowerShell Studio’s built-in templates and wired controls to create advanced GUIs quickly. Create a PowerShell script module in minutes with PowerShell Studio. Easily convert your existing functions into a deliverable module. PowerShell Studio has a powerful editor with syntax coloring, reference highlighting, bookmarking, code formatting, and code completion. Create, edit, and manage code snippets to enhance your script development.

You can restrict packets by domain, machine, user, platform and MAC address to avoid unauthorized script execution. Create an MSI installer to distribute your scripts, executables, and modules. Use custom actions to handle special cases, such as open files after installation.

Full-featured PowerShell editor
Create PowerShell GUI tools visually
Convert script to executable (.exe)
Create an MSI installer

SAPIEN Technologies 2024 Products Keymaker by BTCR
Windows 7-11

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Password: gamebounty