AOMEI Partition Assistant 10.4.0 Retail

AOMEI Partition Assistant embeds sector-level data protection technology.

Strictly tested by our R & D team, it enables you to realize more safely partitioning operations as you expected.

No matter whether your disk style is MBR or GPT and no matter whether your disk is small or larger than 2TB, our product is able to help you solve various problem of your disk partition.

AOMEI Partition Assistant  lets you manage your hard drives with ease, regardless of your prior experience and, if you know your way around, advanced features like file system converters are at your fingertips. Alternatively, you can choose to be walked through several common operations with the help of step-by-step wizards.

• Resize and move partition without data loss.
• Merge adjacent partitions into one.
• Merge unallocated space to a partition.
• Split one big partition into two or more.
• Allocate free space from one partition to another.
• Copy (Clone) partition to new hard drive.
• Align partition to boost performance and lifespan of disk.
• Change partition type ID and change serial number.
• Linux partition management: create, delete, format, wipe, copy, recover Ext2/Ext3 partition, etc.
• Create more partitions even without unallocated space.
• Delete, format and wipe partition easily.
• Convert primary to logical partition and vice versa.
• Convert FAT partition to NTFS file system.
• Change partition label and drive letter.
• Hide and check partition, wipe unallocated space.
• Set active partition and view partition properties.

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