Project 13: Taxidermy Trails- Free Download (Build 13703468)

Welcome to Project 13: Taxidermy Trails, a Walking Simulator set in a mesmerizing Taxidermy Museum. In this immersive experience, you assume the role of an kidnapped Probant forced to find a way to escape. Complete all 13 Walks to get out of this Nightmare.

Your mission is clear: report any anomalies you encounter during your walks. But beware, a single misstep means starting over. Only by consistently reporting accurately will lead to the real Exit.
Key Features:

Repeating Museum Corridor: Explore a hauntingly repetitive environment, where each step could lead to discovery or deception amidst the eerie displays of taxidermy.

Over 35 Anomalies: Uncover the secrets hidden within the museum as you encounter over 35 unique anomalies. Stay very vigilant, as every detail holds significance.

Confirmation After Each Walk: After each walk, confirm whether you experienced any anomalies. Your precision determines your progress.

Escape on the 13th Walk: Success lies in your ability to navigate the corridors and accurately report anomalies. Reach the 13th walk unscathed, and you may find the exit.

Variable Duration: The duration of your expedition is unpredictable, ranging from 40 minutes to “a lot longer.” Sharpen your senses and hone your observation skills to expedite your journey.

Embark on this surreal adventure where reality blurs, and your choices shape your destiny. Are you prepared to unravel the mysteries of Project 13: Taxidermy Trails and overcome the challenges that lie ahead? The museum corridors await – enter if you dare

  • OS: Windows 10/11 x64
    Processor: intel Core i7 4770 or AMD equivalent
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1650 or AMD equivalent
    DirectX: Version 12
    Storage: 9 GB available space
Recommended specs not available

Password: gamebounty