Cattails: Wildwood Story – Free Download (Build 12427730)

Become a cat! In this cozy life sim RPG, you’ll lead your colony into the mysterious Wildwood. Hunt prey, harvest herbs, collect magical treasures, & defend your new home from intruders. Build a thriving town to recruit new cats. Get to know the residents, fall in love, & raise a litter of kittens!

Use your acute sense of smell to track nearby prey. Carefully approach, then pounce through the air to catch them unaware! With some skill, you’ll have a meal waiting for you in the grass.

Spending your time with others is a great way to make friends! Stick around and chat for a while, or bring an extra item you have laying around to give as a gift. All adult colony cats can be befriended, dated, and married!

Choose where to start your new settlement and customize your town to your liking. Will you live in a dense pine forest, a sandy beach, a flower-filled river meadow, a mysterious swamp, or maybe even a volcano? Expand your town by attracting new residents.

Eerie Voidling Cats are appearing in great numbers to challenge your new settlement. You will need to stand firm against the interminable flow of enemies that encroach upon your borders. Brave cats of your colony will join your side and help to stem the tide. But where are these evil spirits coming from? Perhaps you can unravel the mystery and put an end to the assault…

While most plants grow naturally in the wild, the best quality herbs result from careful nurturing in a controlled environment. Sow several seeds at a time to reap a large harvest later. With daily attention, your plot will stay healthy and yield high-quality herbs. Keep what you grow for adventuring later, or sell it for a tidy profit!

Cats come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Use the Coat Studio at any time to update your appearance and create a truly unique player character! Choose from a wide variety of body types, colors, and accessories. Mix and match as you please, then share your creations with others.

Start a Family
Befriend, date, or marry 20+ eligible cats! Raise a unique litter of kittens together with your spouse.

Buddy Up!
Bring an NPC friend with you on your adventures! As you spend time together, your bond will strengthen and the two of you will become a more effective pair over time. Your friend will gain Buddy XP and can level up to become stronger!

Brave the Dangerous Mines
Descend deeper by finding the hidden staircases. The lower you go, the more valuable the resources you’ll encounter, but the harder the challenges. A successful expedition will yield useful ores and precious gems.

Decorate Your Den
Personalize your den by placing furniture of all kinds throughout. Choose from over 180 furniture items to make your den stylish and unique. Add rooms and hallways in any shape you can imagine to build your dream home!

Capture Territory & Resources
As the leader of your colony, you can send out squads of cats to capture new territory from the clutches of the forces of corruption or to bring back resources for the benefit of your town’s residents. Use your collected resources to research improvements that will grant you and your neighbors special perks that will aid you as you play.

Original Soundtrack
Over 2 hours of kitten-inspired music will accompany your adventures in the game. As the seasons progress, so does the music. From chill beats to listen to while decorating your den to intense combat tracks, you’ll find nothing but high-quality hits in this jazz-inspired album composed by Tormod Garvin, featuring accompanists Naomi Sullivan and Alex Hill-Knight.

OS: Windows 10

Processor: 2.0 GHz

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620

Storage: 500 MB available space
OS: Windows 10

Processor: 2.0 GHz

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620

Storage: 500 MB available space

Password: gamebounty