Lossless Scaling 2.9 (Build 14629493)

Downloads: 527

Lossless Scaling allows you to scale windowed games to full screen using the state of the art scaling algorithms, as well as use ML based proprietary scaling and frame generation.

The latest feature allows you to use Lossless Scaling to generate additional frames in games that do not have such support, including emulators.

Lossless Scaling is also useful for upscaling modern games if you cannot run them at native screen resolution (GPU limited) and want to get rid of blur due to bilinear scaling of the GPU driver, as well as for upscaling older and pixel-art games which do not support modern screen resolutions or full screen mode.

For modern games it is best to use LS1 or AMD FSR. For scaling pixel-art games, use Integer Scaling
or xBR. Anime4K is best suited for cartoons or anime.

Frame generation options:

Scaling options:
AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution
NVIDIA Image Scaling
Integer Scaling
Nearest Neighbor
Sharp Bilinear
Bicubic CAS

Flopi (Buny boi) + SteamCheckBypasser – v1.7.1 by G1337 and me for reg file.
Scaling makes sense when you are limited by GPU power. For the best experience, limit the game to a stable frame rate so that Lossless Scaling has resources to work with.

The game must be running in windowed mode

Windows 10 1903 or newer

Password: gamebounty