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Gearbits is a 3D action game where you pilot a giant robot. Use the mobility granted by your rocket boosters to fight massive swarms of vicious giant insects and face off against enemy pilots. Choose a machine and equip it with a variety of powerful weapons.

Fast paced single player experience.

Your robot has rocket thrusters that allow you to fly across the battlefield and rain fire on the enemy. But watch that you don’t overheat! You’ll be an easy target on the ground.

20 Mission story campaign.

The story campaign places you into the far future, on a distant colony world. Enemy pilots and swarms of giant insects stand in your way, as you try to complete the various objectives along the story campaign that spans 20 missions.

10 Unique giant robots to unlock and play as.

The game contains 10 units, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Select a machine with outstanding firepower or run circles around the enemy with your superior manoeuvrability.

Large weapon selection.

Over 30 unique weapons to choose from. Equip a missile launcher, a rail gun or a massive beam cannon. You can build a game breaking winning combo, or set up a gimmicky loadout for a challenge run.

Wave survival mode.

In wave survival mode, you can face off against escalating hordes of enemies. Earn credits by defeating enemies and then spend them to gain weapons and equipment to help you survive the next wave.

Storage: 1600 MB available spaceStorage: 1600 MB available space

Password: gamebounty

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