Clip Studio Paint 3.0.0

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Clip Studio Paint EX is the world’s leading comics and manga software that provides powerful creative tools. It is designed for artists who want to improve and improve their illustrations on paper and pens, and for artists who want to complete the entire process of creating a manga and comics in digital form. Drawing, painting and coloring comics and manga has never been easier.

The key improvement introduced in Clip Studio Paint EX, is a redesigned user interface that will provide even faster and more convenient access to the required tools and features. The developers also pay special attention to advanced possibilities for customizing the workspace. Even artists will be able to create their own surface textures and experiment with the shapes and sizes of brushes. Users’ attention is offered more convenient and powerful tools for coloring black and white sketches and the advanced Air Brush tool. An expanded support for vector graphics and three-dimensional objects deserves a special mention. The product is based on a new 64-bit technology engine. Owners of modern computers will be able to appreciate the support of a large number of RAM and multi-core processors.

Cel Animation Support (Frame-by-Frame Animation)
Timeline Denimation
Lightboard Feature
Onion Skinning Screen
Multiple export options
Custom brushes
…and much more!

Windows 10-11 x64 only

Password: gamebounty

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